MINNE-LOVE-2: Got Snot?

Prospective Surveillance for Respiratory Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance in Diverse Regional Populations: A Pathogen Genomics Center of Excellence Collaboration between the Minnesota Department of Health and University of Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health and select academic partners, including Dr. Thielen, were selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to join a new academic-public health partnership, the Pathogen Genomics Centers of Excellence network.  This network will focus on modernizing the public health system’s disease-investigation capabilities by integrating next generation sequencing and other advanced microbial detection technologies within CDC and in state and local public health systems.  The 5-year project (2023-2028) led by Dr. Thielen will focus on using novel molecular diagnostic techniques to describe the epidemiology of respiratory pathogens and antimicrobial resistance longitudinally in the region.

MINNE-LOVE-2 is an MDH/UMN surveillance collaboration